I have created several totems/faces/masks that draw on similar ideas of primitivism that can be considered personal precedents for this current thesis research.  Here are some various older works that place the current body of work within a personal context and timeline.


Sarah Lahti, Broken Mouth Mask, exhibited in FAKiE2, curated by Wafa HM, exhibited in The Shelter, 2010, and now in the private collection of Manal Al Dowayan.




Red Gremlin, oil on canvas, 9 1/2 feet x 9 1/2 feet, one of a series of three.  Shown in a private, invitation-only, solo exhibition at American University in Dubai in 2009.




Happy Meal, solid bronze, created in 2000.  Exhibited in a group show at The University of Cincinnati DAAP in 2000.