Pictured above: First row of three, starting from large top left, the top right, and one underneath it


Allostatic Load

Allostatic Load (in triggered state)

Tubulin Polymerization Promoting Protein


The second full row, from left to right


Borrellia Bergdorferi IgG P41

Borrellia Bergdorferi IgG P39

Jarisch Herxheimer


The third row of three starting with small upper left, to large right, and small lower left


Benzathine Benzylpenicillin

Borrellia Bergdorferi IgG P58



The row of two starting from left





The row of three, starting with large upper left, then small upper right, and below it


Yersinia Enterocolita

IGg Mono

Toxidendron Vernix


Bottom row of four starting with left


Toxidendron Vernix (triggered state)


Fasciculation (pictured again)

Borrellia Bergdorferi IgG P39 (triggered state)


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