A Nightmarish Sea of Dead Neopixel Rings

A part of this thesis involved working with Adafruit’s 24-neopixel, RGBW ring.  I had a hard time with them right from the start, without knowing why.  For months, I tried to get them to function properly.  It was unclear if it was an issue of not enough power/the right amps/power, whether it was a wiring issue of some kind, or a soldering issue, or any combination of those.  I even enlisted the help of three engineers.  It wasn’t until I spoke with Clarence, however, that he showed me this link.


Note to self: always read the fine print.  Always.  I cannot think of any application whatsoever wherein someone would want the wires on the front of the neopixel display, and, quite frankly, I think these rings are a really weak product with a weak design.  Why design, market, and sell a product with the wiring on the front?  Strange.  Anyway, happy to have realized this and moved on.  Substituting an RGB 8-light neopixel stick, instead.


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