Mask One (Unrealised)


The above photograph is a layout of how this wall installation is envisioned.  This current conceptualization of the piece took over a year to arrive at, with numerous beginning conceptualizations.  The framed “eye” on the left hand side of the photograph is the inspiration for this piece, and was the “phase one” conceptualization of this piece, that myself and Jesse Gonzalez spent a year working on, including writing the original script for mentioned in other parts of this research.

This first mask is the only true wall installation of the series. Because it was the first piece conceived, it took the longest to create.  This peice, which consists of a specialized mouth and eyes made of electronic parts, started out as a single RGB Matrix piece.  That piece, in its original conception, before it was remade into a mask, was exhibited in Linz in January 2016.  What is pictured above, is the custom PCB board we created for the mouth of the piece.  The above graphic hooks up to an RGB strand of lights.  More graphics on their way for this piece.  The process of bringing this piece to life is an over 14 month process, which is long and complex.  The rest of the pieces in the series came to life a little bit faster, and a little bit easier.


The exact technical process, which Jesse Gonzalez and myself have chosen to make fully accessible to the public, and thereby contribute to the open source community, can be found here.

Main components used in final piece:

Trinket Pro 5V

PIR Sensor

This is the first manufactured version of this PCB.  Notice on the back of the board, all the micro components requiring DIY soldering.

This is the second, more user-friendly version of the board, produced approx. 6 weeks later.  Notice on the back of the board, only sort of larger-sized components required DIY soldering.

Here is the link to the PIR board files, including the Gerber files, the Altium project files, and the schematics.

Below is the board design that connects the Arduino Uno R3, and the PIR board, to the matrix itself.  So this mask one consists of two finalized boards, rather than one.



And here are the actual manufactured boards.  My last shipment of boards to arrive, I may now be done with this past 6 months of working with Oshpark.  Onto the next phase of this research…

Here is a link the Altium project raw files, the Gerber files, and the schematics.


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