Mask Two




This custom PCB was the first real PCB board envisioned as such.  It has two PIRs for eyes, a potentiometer for the nose, and an RGB LCD for the mouth.  Software for this was written mainly by Greg Propf.  This board also was concieved first as an abstract piece, and then we reconfigured the hardware in such a way to get rid of the wires, to hide the microcontroller, and generally create a more metaphorical looking piece from an abstract piece, which is how it started.  The abstract piece was shown in Linz in January 2016.




The exact technical process of creating part of this piece, starting from the beginning, can be found here.

Main Components Used:

Trinket Pro 5V

PIR Sensor

RGB LCD Character Display

Here is the link to the raw Altium files, the Gerber files, and the schematics for this board.


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