Mask Five


Every one of these masks is unique, presenting its own challenges and surprises.  This one is no exception, in that the little colored matrices used for the eyes have no data line.  Technically speaking, I believe they are an analog component, whereas the rest of the components used are digital.  As well, this is the first piece where Hector and I experimented with decorative little lights for horns or ears embedded within the circuit.  Software for this piece by Greg Propf.


Me soldering some parts on, notice how small the multiplexer is, and take note, anyone ever wanting to work with one.  Next to impossible to solder correctly.  Really.

Main Components Used:

Trinket Pro 5V

PIR Sensor

Neopixel Stick

8 x 8 LED

Here is a link to the raw Altium project files, the Gerber files, and the schematics for this mask.


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