Mask Four (realized with neopixel mouth instead of the ring eyes)


This is the first mask conceived as such.  It did not start life as an abstract piece, it really was the natural extension of the first three in the series.  I would venture to say that this piece came into existence a bit quicker and a bit easier than the first three.  Software by Greg Propf, PCB design by Hector Pinedo.


Main Components Used:

Trinket Pro 5V

PIR Sensor

RGB LCD Character Display

Neopixel Ring


Aug 2016

After the above PCB creation, it was time to take the mask through another iteration.  I wanted to play with the overall shape of the mask, as well as add in some little analogue lights as horns or antennae.  The assembly and use of this iteration is a little tricky, because the Trinket Pro cannot be programmed while it is attached to this mask.  It has to be programmed separately, and then soldered onto the mask with the final program.  So it will have to be tested thoroughly prior to applying it to this mask.  This is due to how we combined the power source of all the components onto the one component on the bottom left visible below.  Greg and I are just getting started on a new software iteration, as well.  Basically, we have separate working programs to create an event for the LCD triggered by the PIR, and an event for one neopixel ring triggered by a PIR, and now we need to combine these programs into one single program.


And here are some in progress shots of the process of arriving at the above mask:


This is a shot of a 3D .pdf file that we used to visualize and discuss final manufactured outcomes.


This is a visual of when we were discussing the analogue lights and the idea of the decorative, non functional PCB top row of holes visible in the very first iteration, evolved into actual functional little lights with ground and power lines run up to them, and a software program to run them.  This idea happened because I wanted to give the masks a more animalistic, primative feel: the idea being that these lights represent horns or antennae.


Sept 11

I just noticed that this mask came back from oshpark with no big holes to hang it on the wall.  Problem for me.


Here is a link to the raw Altium project files, the Gerber files, and the schematics for this mask.


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