Mask Three

This custom PCB board features two OLEDs for eyes, a PIR for the nose, and an RGB LCD for the mouth.  Software was written mainly by Greg Propf, with the hardware as seen above designed by Hector Pinedo.

A first draft of this PCB was created by Keyshaun Ward.  That draft was the first time I’d attempted creating a PCB, so there was a huge learning curve.  What we came up with was actually two boards held together by screws.  Some diagrams of that first attempt can be found below.

Technical input into consolidating the power supply circuit from Jim Bober.  As well, Jim gave technical advice on the data line for the PIR and where it needed to go (or not go, as the case may be) on the microcontroller.  A first draft of this piece, which was abstract and looked very different than this, was exhibited in Linz in January 2016.


A second draft was created by Hector Pinedo, which is pictured below.


The second draft OLED boards were manufactured, and look like this:

What you see in the featured image on this post, then, is actually the third draft of the piece, which was thought necessary in order to create a more efficient circuit, one that relies on only a single microprocessor, rather than 3 of them, and one that plays with the visual layout of the piece, in terms of shape, etc.  As well, little decorative, controllable lights were added into the circuit.

A shaped version with additional analog lights added to the circuit has been designed, and is being manufactured and shipped now.  Here is its schematic:


Problem for me:  This mask came back from the manufacturer also with no hole for the PIR–you can see it’s even colored differently, ready for cutout.



Main Components Used:

Trinket Pro 5V

PIR Sensor

RGB LCD Character Display

OLED Display

Here is a link to the raw Altium project files, the Gerber files, as well as the schematics for this mask.


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